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Vessel Around

The Vessel Around is a handcrafted ceramic container supported by an epoxy coated metal frame. Cylinderical in shape the Vessel Around favors a straightlined aesthetic. It can be used both indoors or out and can be customized with various types of stone offered as an optional accessory.

A collaboration between EcoSmart Fire and Vessel USA Inc., the Vessel Collection pairs a modern, clean burning flame with the award winning mid-century modern style of the Architectural Pottery Collection.

Vessel USA Inc. was founded in 1998 to revive the stunningly simple planters that brought acclaim to the Architectural Pottery Collection, a Los Angeles company founded in 1950. Prominent mid-century LA architects such as Richard Neutura and Pierre Koenig favored the pottery line for its simple, geometric and organic shapes.

The classic, clean lines of the Architectural Pottery Collection provides the perfect setting for the streamlined design of EcoSmart Fire burners and together they make up the Vessel Collection.

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