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Standing an elegant 1370mm tall, EcoSmart Fire's new Flare outdoor fire commands instant attention with its elevated, luminous flame.

The flame is housed within a toughened, mouth-blown glass cylinder that sits on a stand made from black powder-coated steel, Flare provides a stunning focal point for a range of settings.

For design professionals, Flare is equally captivating when used as a solitary centrepiece in a small café or club, or grouped together in a large hotel foyer or restaurant entrance. Its versatile design can be mounted as a permanent fixture or easily relocated with the addition of a base accessory.

Powered by environmentally friendly bioethanol, the flame originates from the efficient AB3 Burner and delivers up to eight hours’ usage. With the clever combination of bioethanol fuel and architecturally designed housing, no flues or chimneys are required.

2013 17th Annual IIDA/HD Award for Excellence

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