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Sustainable Sculptures

As an award winning architect and builder – and a Certified Green Professional (CGP) – Phil Kean is known for incorporating new and innovative products into his designs. Ever since he discovered EcoSmart Fire, he’s specified the burners and grates into five homes with many more in the pipeline.

“I love EcoSmart Fires for their simplicity, clean lines and the way they blend into modern architecture,”

Phil explains. “Due to the warm climate in Florida, there’s rarely a need to incorporate fireplaces into our designs for heating purposes, but I love the raw element of fire as a form of modern sculpture. With EcoSmart Fires, I’m able to create original design features - using reflective surfaces such as marble and stainless steel - that fit perfectly into my vision.

“I’m also committed to making smart, eco-friendly decisions, and have always tried to think in a sustainable, green way when it comes to my design elements. I love the fact that EcoSmart Fires are fuelled by a renewable energy source and that they burn cleanly.”