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Bali Style

On the coast of WA lies a home created to give its owners a taste of holiday luxury every day. In particular, the room that encapsulates this perfectly is the master suite; located on the first floor, the room enjoys ocean and garden views, whilst serving the dual purposes of bedroom and bathroom.

“My clients love to holiday in Bali, and so I wanted to bring the luxury retreat experience into their home, so they could enjoy it every day,” says Jason Saunders, director of Arc Seven.1, the design company behind the creation of this home.

To further enhance this feeling of ultimate luxury, an EcoSmart Fire was installed as a kind of room divider rather than a more conventional wall or screen.

“The original design was to have the master bedroom and ensuite as separate rooms,” explains Jason. “However, as the design evolved, we decided to combine the two into one, so the views could be enjoyed from either space, and to really create a sense of a private retreat.

“The EcoSmart fire was the perfect solution to softly dividing the space; it fits so well with the mood of the room, and it is more interactive than a screen.”


The 900DB firebox, which features a unique see-through insert, is set into a fireplace that allows the flame to be viewed from both sides, so the owners can enjoy the warmth and flame while they are relaxing in the freestanding bath in the middle of the bathroom side, or from the comfort of their bed on the other side. A view of the nearby ocean plus their balcony / garden rooftop can also be enjoyed from both sides of the suite, with sheer curtains maintaining privacy without sacrificing the views.

“I was inspired by the Bulgari Hotel in Bali, where the rooms have an open plan bathroom with windows that mean the ocean views can be seen from the freestanding tub in the middle of the floor,” says Jason. “They also have plants right outside the window to give a tropical feel to the room; I’ve drawn inspiration from that too.”

The spa-like atmosphere is complemented by the neutral colour scheme that enhances the natural element of fire and the surrounding plant life; the floor and bathroom vanity cabinet are made from sandstone imported from Lebanon, while the unit holding the firebox has been constructed from polished stucco plaster.

Although this was the first time Jason and his team had used an EcoSmart Fire, he says he found it easy to install, and has since used other firebox models in various projects.

“One job I am working on at the moment has four EcoSmart fires incorporated into the design,” Jason says. “They are so versatile for both indoor and outdoor design, and are easier to work with than a traditional fireplace – much less mess.”

Jason describes the property, home to a married couple whose children have since moved out, as “inviting and warm”, with the master suite in particular having a resort-like feel that provides the owners with their own private retreat.

“I’ve seen a few other bedroom designs like it,” adds Jason. “People are striving towards being more creative, they want to be different.”