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Urban Living

Interior designer Kathy Adcock-Smith and architect Joe Eisner both had clients who wanted to add a luxurious and easy to install centerpiece to their high-rise apartments. Each of these design professionals chose EcoSmart Fire because it not only met the demands of their clients but afforded them greater creative freedom within the limitations of high rise renovations.

Kathy Adcock-Smith faced the unique challenge of finding a fireplace that, ”provided a needed architectural grounding for the seating arrangement,” while also preserving the beautiful Dallas city view out of the window. The Vision, with its clear glass back and ventless burner, proved to be the perfect solution. Adock-Smith said her client, “especially liked the Vision because high-rise condos rarely have fireplaces since most require a need for construction and venting.”

The Vision, like all EcoSmart Fire products, is ventless and completely self contained. Having a fire solution that can be easily relocated is invaluable when designing for challenging spaces like apartments. The Vision can change from stunning living room centerpiece to elegant room divider in just a matter of minutes. “And best yet, should my client ever move from her high-rise apartment, the Vision can go with her!”

New York architect Joe Eisner, like Kathy Adcock-Smith, needed a fireplace that met the design restraints of high rise construction and also catered to his client’s sophisticated sensibilities. Said Eisner, “My client was interested in incorporating a ventless fireplace into his home similar to those he had seen in his international travels in high end hotels.”

Eisner found an easy solution in the Firebox 650SS. Ventless, zero clearance, and made of brushed stainless steel, the Firebox 650SS brought both high design and functionality to the project. It was this unique mix that attracted Joe Eisner to the Firebox 650SS and the reason he included it in his high rise renovation.

“We chose EcoSmart for its aesthetic appeal and the fact that the product meets New York City building codes for ventless fireplaces.”