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Night Light in the Limelight

For one visionary homeowner on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it was the EcoSmart Fire Lantern’s unique ambience and refined aesthetics that captivated the imagination.

“My client wanted an outdoor fireplace that transformed their outdoor entertainment spaces into productive areas that could be enjoyed well into the evenings,” says local landscaper Tim Kirk. “The outdoor fireplaces needed to be both sculptural and functional, observed from within the house - and appreciated as design showpieces in their own right.”

Constructed from mild steel with a bronze patina, numerous Lantern fireplaces now enhance the pool decking and entertainment areas. With their alluring, flickering light, the Lanterns have supplied a stylish and visually dramatic backdrop to night time swimming and poolside dining activities.

An ability to simply and easily reposition the fireplaces where they are needed has been a hit with the home’s residents and visiting guests alike.