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Spark of Design Genius

A series of BK5 Burners from EcoSmart Fire has breathed new life and an intimate atmosphere into a former gas fireplace in central London’s stylish May Fair Bar – acclaimed as the best hotel bar in London.

The owners of the Radisson Hotel’s May Fair Bar sought to replace a defective 1.2m-long gas fireplace with one that was both functional and a contemporary design showpiece.

According to Wayne Coddington from the Radisson, the disused gas fireplace had a problematic flue comprised of several straight angles that prevented emissions from being properly extracted.

“We needed a stylish solution that could be installed within three weeks, with minimal disruption to the continuous flow of clientele. EcoSmart Fire Burners offered unlimited design flexibility and emission-free ethanol fuelled heating.”

And with the 2012 London Olympic Games moving ever closer, the hotel’s owner wanted to ensure the bar would have the proper wow factor that would please the high profile clientele. Wayne says the EcoSmart Fire has already become a major drawcard for May Fair Bar patrons.

“The resulting design certainly exceeded our expectations. Its powerful, bright yellow flame is an attractive drawcard. May Fair Bar guests cross the full length of the bar to come and sit next to the fireplace,” he says.

The popularity of the EcoSmart Fire in the May Fair bar also influenced the Radisson’s decision to install an XL900 Burner in the refurbished Palm Beach Casino, an exclusive casino and poker club located in the May Fair’s former Grand Art Deco Ballroom. Casino customers have been equally drawn to the fireplace’s attractive flame and warmth.