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Home Sweet Home

The Fire Company is an Australian company with fire in its belly.

From the modest setting of a suburban warehouse in Sydney, Australia, in 2004, The Fire Company began distributing its creation, EcoSmart Fires, to five countries, then 22 countries, to the 75 that it is today. The rapid growth is testament to the company’s vision, creativity and tenacity.

Having pioneered the global bioethanol fire ‘revolution’, it stands to reason that the creator of the award-winning EcoSmart Fire should lead the way with how its fires are showcased. With that in mind, EcoSmart Fire now has a new home, in Sydney’s acclaimed design hub, Alexandria.

“Being able to display EcoSmart Fires in situ and in a way that demonstrates their quality and true potential was always the next step for us,” says Stephane Thomas, director of The Fire Company. “Moving to Alexandria, closer to the CBD and amongst Sydney’s design elite was the perfect move.”

Attention to detail
In keeping with EcoSmart Fire style ethos, the company consulted top designer John Dimopoulos from Geoform Design Architects to create a purpose-built design studio and showroom fitting for its award winning products.

“Having also designed the freestanding fire Zeta, I understood the ideology of EcoSmart Fires and what the company wanted to achieve in a showroom. It was important to create a space that not only showcased the fires, but reflected the company’s design ethic and attention to detail,” says Dimopoulos.

“EcoSmart Fires are best displayed in controlled and dark environments, so the fires become the source of an ambient glow. But the space was unusually well lit, under a dramatic glazed sawtooth roof form. We responded to this by borrowing the zig-zag energy of the form and counter-balancing the brightness with darkness.

“The high-ceiling angled folded steel plates suggest a flickering and dancing of flames, hinting at the many layers of EcoSmart Fires subtly woven into the architectural expression of the space. The large scale of the room also enabled us to super-size elements such as the entrance desk.”

This desk is made up of 2.7 tonnes of steel and complemented by a high gloss floor providing a stunning entry point. Steel is also used for the concertina walls that create the display zones along the street frontage. Timber features widely, and has been used for the flooring, to ‘enclose’ the reception space, and for the floating cabinetry that sits behind the reception area, thus providing warmth and contrast between the steel and wood.

Design nucleus
The studio showcases the global company’s extensive EcoSmart Fire Collection — from freestanding fires to fireplace inserts, grates which easily convert existing fireplaces, to burners and the diverse range of outdoor fires. Simply put, designs to meet every taste or space.

“Our design studio has become a hub for international visitors, local consumers and designers alike. It is a commercial environment for inspiration, consultation and education,” Stephane Thomas, director

“Ultimately our design studio gives our customers confidence that they are making the right choice in ‘moving to modern’, based on seeing first-hand the products in operation, and that we understand what the flame can offer and how to best use EcoSmart Fire to achieve their own creative visions.” says Thomas.