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Contemporary Tradition

The first time award-winning, Sydney-based interior designer Pia Francesca Ruggeri specified an EcoSmart Fire was for her new home in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The reason? She specifically wanted to have the ambience of an open fire, but knew a traditional fireplace wasn’t feasible given she lives in an apartment.

Pia chose the EcoSmart Fire XL900 for a customised setting in the apartment’s spacious, open plan living area, which includes the kitchen and has an open mezzanine above. The burner was incorporated into a stone hearth, specially created by a stonemason, which features a colour back-glass behind.

To ensure space wasn’t compromised – particularly in summer – Pia designed a fake chimney, or special wall unit, which encompasses the fireplace.

“I think the biggest challenge in my case was deciding on the overall size of the chimney, particularly as the room had such a big void,” Pia says. “Stephane from The Fire Company guided me on the ideal dimensions and finishes for the most effective installation, helping me to customise the glass splash back and stainless steel to the underside of the chimney.”

Pia says the fireplace completes her apartment and makes it feel more like a house.

We absolutely love our fireplace – the beautiful dancing flame, the ambience, the ease of use and the totality it brings to the room. Plus it really does warm our living space – more than I expected.”

Pia Francesca Design