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Alexandria Design Studio

2 July 2012 / Ecosmart Fire

Image:Alexandria Design Studio

EcoSmart Fire makes its mark in Sydney’s design hub
New purpose-built design studio created to inspire and educate

The award-winning EcoSmart Fire has a new home. In an international first, a purpose-built design studio / showroom has been created in Sydney’s premier design hub, Alexandria.

Set within 435sqm, the studio has been designed to showcase the sleek and elegant EcoSmart Fires, which are at the forefront of the bioethanol fire industry. And much like the fires themselves, the studio has been created with originality and versatility firmly in mind.

“Moving to Alexandria was the natural next step for EcoSmart Fire,” says Jenny Price, international marketing manager, The Fire Company. “We have created an inspirational design destination for both the industry and consumers to experience how EcoSmart Fires can transform a space.

“This is a place where we all feel at home, and it represents our three core branding messages – lifestyle, design and warmth. We invite design professionals and consumers alike to come in and experience how they can enhance their lifestyle by taking a ‘traditional’ concept – the open fire – but using it in ways they never imagined.

“Ultimately our design studio gives our customers confidence that they are making the right choice in ‘moving to modern’, based on seeing first hand the products in operation; and that we understand what the flame can offer and how to best use EcoSmart Fire to achieve their own creative visions.”

As part of this vision, the studio not only features the freestanding, portable EcoSmart Fires, but also showcases a range of burners and fireboxes which have been installed into tailor-made settings to highlight the absolute versatility of EcoSmart Fires and demonstrate how the fires can be used in residential and commercial environments. It also illustrates the types of materials that can be incorporated into bespoke designs.

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