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New EcoSmart Fire Grate transforms the ordinary into extraordinary

16 November 2010 / Ecosmart Fire

Image:New EcoSmart Fire Grate transforms the ordinary into extraordinary

Scope 700 a modern take on the traditional

It’s versatile and durable, elegant and superbly styled, functional and fabulous — and the new EcoSmart Fire Scope 700 makes transforming a traditional wood fireplace into a contemporary, eco-friendly ethanol fireplace so simple. The Scope 700 is the latest model in the iconic and ever-evolving EcoSmart Fire portfolio.

The EcoSmart Fire Scope 700 enables existing fireplaces to be easily and seamlessly converted. It’s a simple modification of an existing EcoSmart Fire Grate — the Grooved Fireplace Grate, and has been extended to accommodate the XL700 Burner, making it slightly wider to fit snugly in the hearth.

Initially created as a unique solution for a home renovation, the Scope 700 was added to the EcoSmart Fire Grate range because it looked stylish and provided an additional grate option.

"It’s more of a modern take on the traditional, and is ideal for effortless fireplace conversion," says Stephane Thomas, director of The Fire Company, creator of EcoSmart Fire.

"Our EcoSmart Fire Grates are designed to complement conventional hearths and custom spaces - and the Scope 700 is no exception. Its bold appearance and long elegant flame ensure it’s ideal for reinvigorating an old, disused fireplace. And it’s equally at home in both modern and traditional settings."

Sturdily constructed of rust-treated steel, the Scope 700 is finished in black Teflon coating. It heats over 538 square feet (50sqm) and its dimensions (H150mm x W835mm x D380mm) mean that it can fit into less deep fireplace settings.

Powered by the environmentally-friendly fuel denatured ethanol, the Scope 700 burns clean, which means it’s safe, and there’s no smoke, soot or ash — and no harmful emissions. You can also turn the fire on and off as needed.

"It means you can use your fireplace more often because of the ease of use and maintenance. It saves you time and is hassle free, plus it’s easy installation: all you have to do is unpack it, put it in place, sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful flame," adds Stephane.

Eco-friendly fuel, ease of operation and low running costs were the must-haves for a Sydney entrepreneur who converted a wood-burning fireplace in a Federation property using a Scope 700 Grate.

"I previously had a working wood-burning fireplace that was messy to operate and not good for the environment," he says. "I wanted to breathe new life into the fireplace and convert it in a way that was eco-friendly."

Convenience and ease of operation were other requirements on his wish list: "I wanted a fireplace that could be easily installed, requiring very little — if any — maintenance and that could obviously heat the room well. The Scope 700 Grate met all my requirements and it’s incredibly straightforward to use."

Removing the existing wood grill, closing the dampener and inserting the new grate converted the working wood fireplace quickly and easily. The fireplace was functioning within minutes.

EcoSmart Fire XL 700

The heart of the Scope 700 Fireplace Grate, the EcoSmart Fire XL 700 Burner is ideal for those wanting a long flame style in a tailored setting. Defined by its elegance, cutting-edge performance and functionality, the XL 700 is an integral part of the range of XL burners, which have been created in response to overwhelming demand from architects, designers and consumers for an elongated flame.

It’s designed to create a centrepiece for use in both residential and commercial premises. "It transforms the ordinary into extraordinary," says Stephane.

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