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All the latest news and events from EcoSmart Fire

Los Angeles Warehouse Sale

28 April 2015 / Ecosmart Fire

CATEGORY / Sustainability, Design, Emerging Trends

Image:Los Angeles Warehouse Sale

Access EcoSmart Fire and Brown Jordan Fires at incredible discounts. Warehouse stock includes showroom displays, pre-loved fireplaces, and slightly blemished models.

Open to the Public
Friday June 5 - Saturday June 6
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Only 15 Minutes from Downtown Los Angeles
1755 Walnut Park Way
Los Angeles, CA 90220

Any Questions? Call Us +1 (888) 590.3335

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International Builders' Show

13 January 2015 / Ecosmart Fire

CATEGORY / Sustainability, Design, Emerging Trends

Image:International Builders' Show

Join us January 20 - 22 in Las Vegas at the International Builders Show. Stop by Booth S2215 to explore our all-new 2015 Builder Program designed to fit your business and view our full collection of clean-burning Fire Design Solutions. From built-in fireplaces and burner kits to freestanding models and outdoor firepits, our bioethanol fireplaces are built to save you valuable time and money. Product Specialists will be available to answer any questions you may have about incorporating EcoSmart Fire into your next project.

Contact us to schedule an appointment at the show!

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Outdoor Fire Perfection

13 May 2014 / Ecosmart Fire

CATEGORY / Sustainability, Design, Emerging Trends

1. Size Up Your Fire

Whether you are looking for a large centerpiece to ground an outdoor seating area or a tabletop accent, EcoSmart Fire has a wide range or fires to meet your needs. Our fiber cement MIX Fire Bowls, available in two colors, serve as a perfect gathering point while the Cyl provides an equally beautiful fire in a space-conscious design.

2. Set the Scene

EcoSmart Fire models can serve as background ambience or a warm feature to lounge by. Lantern employs the AB3 burner; a compact and fuel efficient unit that will provide a glowing flame for up to 10 hours. More robust flames and greater warmth can be achieved with the higher capacity AB8 burner.

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Mix Cyl


3. Freestanding vs. Built-in

EcoSmart Fire has a wide variety of freestanding models including the table-top ready Mini-T. This model, along with others, can be repositioned in outdoor spaces as needed. Conversely, our ever popular bioethanol burners (like the AB8 shown left) provide a permanent and built-in fire option that can be enjoyed year after year.

4. To Create...or Renovate

Bring old wood burning fires (like this vintage model) back to life with the addition of a self-contained, bioethanol burner. Or, create a totally new installation with our hassle free zero-clearance Fireplace Inserts.

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5. The Tall and Short of It

One height doesn’t always fit all and that’s why we have low to the ground units like Lighthouse (shown right in a cluster) or the tall and slender Flare - a true knockout wherever it’s placed.

6. Classic vs. Cutting Edge

Choose a style that fits your aesthetic. Dish - a fire pit with either black or core-ten finishes - will easily nestle into any outdoor space. Stix - a sleek, metallic take on a campfire - lends a contemporary flare to its surroundings.

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Flair Lighthouse

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Dining with Fire: The Hottest Restaurants Worldwide

1 May 2014 / Ecosmart Fire

CATEGORY / Design, Emerging Trends

Image:Dining with Fire: The Hottest Restaurants Worldwide

World-class restaurants across the globe trust EcoSmart Fire when it comes to adding ambience and warmth. EcoSmart Fire's clean-burning flame is the perfect solution for innovative restaurateurs in need of ambience with minimal maintenance and zero harmful emissions. Make your next reservation at one of these amazing restaurants and don't forget to request the fireside table. Tell them we sent you!




The Church Key

West Hollywood, California

Three Fireplace Grate Inserts grace Church Key’s fireplace, which serves as the centerpiece for their lounge and dining area. The double sided design allows for diners to enjoy the fire from either a set of leather couches or a banquette in the main dining room. Vent-free and clean-burning, the Grate Inserts provide a mess-free fire experience for the restaurant’s clientele.

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Hurricane's Grill

Sydney, Australia

Hurricane’s Grill has several EcoSmart Fire burners installed throughout the restaurant, including four Burner Ones behind their bar. The burners are self contained and do not require ventilation, which makes for hassle-free installation and maintenance. Their adjustable flame height not only regulates heat output but can double average burn times.

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Nick + Stef's Steakhouse

Los Angeles, California

The inclusion of Flares on Nick + Stef’s patio brings a luxurious touch, not to mention warmth, to their outdoor space. Fired by the AB3 burner, Flare is a self-contained unit that can be repositioned as needed. Optional bolts are also available for permanent installation. Nick + Stef’s opts to have their Flares glow against the L.A. skyline.

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Shochu Bar

Berlin, Germany

Located in the heart of Berlin, Shochu’s interior blends traditional Asian decor with sleek leather couches and black lacquer tables. Helping to bridge these two disparate styles is the Firebox 900DB. Set at the center of the bar and trimmed with timber, this double sided fireplace can be enjoyed from both sides. The simplicity of the firebox design lends itself well to the bar’s rich interiors. 

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Sydney, Australia

Set in the Criniti’s main dining area, the XL900 burner is surrounded by a custom-designed grill made to evoke the rustic metalwork of Italy. Its placement provides a showcase piece that doubles as a room divider between the dining and food preparation areas, all without the need for ventilation. Though thoroughly modern in its technology, the XL900 burner seamlessly fits into traditional settings.

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Camino Food & Drinks

Madrid, Spain

Cosmopolitan in both cuisine and decor, Camino chose Citi for their fire feature because of its clean-burning flame and high end style. Placed at the entryway to Camino’s wine room, Citi serves as an accent piece to the surrounding decor. Compact but no less eye-catching, Citi provides a self-contained fire accent in even the coziest of spacs.

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The 1-Hour D.I.Y. Fireplace

15 April 2014 / Ecosmart Fire

CATEGORY / Design, Emerging Trends

Image:The 1-Hour D.I.Y. Fireplace

Custom fire design doesn't have to be complicated! With our self-contained bioethanol burners, you can turn any surround into a clean-burning fire feature. Simply clean out your selected container, set the burner in place, and decorate around it with stones or fire glass.

Do-it-Yourself fireplace conversions are also budget-friendly when shopping the EcoSmart Fire outlet! The Burner One, shown in our vintage conversion above and at right, is perfect for D.I.Y. projects and is currently on sale.

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Indoor Fire Table

This custom wooden fire table pairs geometric lines with a round AB3 burner and Loft Frame for indoor warmth.

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Traditional Firepit

Build a traditional firepit with stone or brick and place our warmest burner, the AB8 at its center.

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Fireplace Refresh

Fireplace Refresh

Transition a wood-burning fireplace to an eco-friendly one in minutes with our freestanding grate inserts.

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