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Safety Stations

5 September 2012 / Ecosmart Fire

Image:Safety Stations


Like all fireplace systems, it’s important to run through regular safety checks.
Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the following EcoSmart Fire safety procedures:

Check your burner is in good working condition, the shut off mechanism is working smoothly, the filling point is accessible and effective, nothing foreign has fallen into it and make sure there is no visual or physical damage to the burner

Inspect all around the installation – including lifting the burner out of its position – to ensure that no fuel has accumulated in or around the setting at any time

Take out your operations manual and refresh your memory on the operational procedures for using this product – it’s available on our website too

Give your burner a good clean, below are some quick and easy maintenance steps

Check the operation of your no-spill jerry can, fire extinguisher, lighter and lighting rod to ensure you have the right tools to use for safely operating your fire

Check your fuel supply is stored according to regulations...if you are unsure, contact your local distributor

Check that all flammable items are within safe distance from the flame – that’s a minimum of 1500mm at all times in all conditions

And remember, never overfill your burner, never fill your burner whilst it is in operation or hot, never leave a fire unguarded and never leave children unsupervised

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