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Lump Sculptures

24 November 2011 / Ecosmart Fire

TAGS / bio fuel fire bowl, chris vassallo, ecosmart burner

Image:Lump Sculptures

The exciting new Lump Bio Fuel Fire Bowl is the product of an interesting collaboration between three industry leaders - Fireplace solutions specialists Agnews, bioethanol fire designers The Fire Company, and Lump Sculpture Studio, one of Australia’s premier designers and creators of contemporary art and outdoor sculptures.

Chris Vassallo, principal sculptor with Lump Sculpture Studio explains “ Our wood-burning Fire Bowls have been a popular choice with architects and designers for quite some time now. We’re proud that Fire Bowls have found their way into numerous projects around the country. Although the original wood-burning versions have their unique character and remain popular, we identified some projects where a simpler integrated burner system might suit better. Rooftop gardens for example, where managing timber fuel stocks can be difficult. That’s when we called on the expertise of Agnews to help find the right fire system for the Fire Bowl and they came up with a slick EcoSmart Burner kit by The Fire Company that proportions well with the Fire Bowl and provides the dramatic flame effect we were looking for. The burner is easy to manage, it runs on ethanol, a renewable clean burning liquid fuel. The EcoSmart solution seemed to have all of the credentials that were important to us. We’re thrilled with the new version. It looks sensational with its polished stainless steel burner contrasting against the weathered patina of the Fire Bowl. Together we’ve managed to take an already good product to another level”

The Bio Fuel Fire Bowls are available in two finishes, marine-grade Stainless Steel and Corten for the 'weathered look’.

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