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All the latest news and events from EcoSmart Fire

Join us at HD Expo 2012

11 May 2012 / Ecosmart Fire

Image:Join us at HD Expo 2012

HD Expo is North America’s premier hospitality and design show, so it makes sense that North America’s premier ethanol fuelled fireplace manufacturer will be there too. EcoSmart Fire’s clean burning and style savvy collection will be on display for all three days of the show.

EcoSmart Fire's collection of ethanol burning fireplaces will add an understanded blend of style and econmy to restaurants, bars, lobbies, and patios alike.  All of our products are vent free, self contained, and require no outside utility lines.  The ease of installation and clean lined aesthetic allow a level of customization not found in other brands.  We also have a wide range of outdoor models that serve as unique and easily transported accents for any night time setting.  Come by booth 6346 to find out how EcoSmart Fire can enhance and elevate your space to the next level.  Your spaces will glow and your guests will gush.

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