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Cars and Art in Marbella with Guarnieri

12 April 2012 / Ecosmart Fire

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Image:Cars and Art in Marbella with Guarnieri

As the official dealer of the best brands of cars in the world: Rolls Royce, Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari and Pagani – the Guarnieri Group (arguably the largest automotive group in Spain) knows good design.

It’s their impeccable eye for design and their appreciation of the finer things in life that has led to the creation of a unique space called CARS AND ART – a creative environment that merges the precious jewels of the automotive industry with hand selected complimentary works of art. “CARS AND ART is a place that has all the ingredients needed to make our customers feel at ease enjoying a fantastic collection of classic cars, while they have the chance to admire and acquire a work of art, a luxury watch, or a great vehicle, as exclusive as a Pagani, Wiesmann, Ferrari or Porsche " says Elisabeth Mario Guarnieri.

Often admired as a work of art, EcoSmart Fire is right at home in this prestigious environment.

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