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All the latest news and events from EcoSmart Fire

The 1-Hour D.I.Y. Fireplace

15 April 2014 / Ecosmart Fire

CATEGORY / Design, Emerging Trends

Image:The 1-Hour D.I.Y. Fireplace

Custom fire design doesn't have to be complicated! With our self-contained bioethanol burners, you can turn any surround into a clean-burning fire feature. Simply clean out your selected container, set the burner in place, and decorate around it with stones or fire glass.

Do-it-Yourself fireplace conversions are also budget-friendly when shopping the EcoSmart Fire outlet! The Burner One, shown in our vintage conversion above and at right, is perfect for D.I.Y. projects and is currently on sale.

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Indoor Fire Table

This custom wooden fire table pairs geometric lines with a round AB3 burner and Loft Frame for indoor warmth.

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Traditional Firepit

Build a traditional firepit with stone or brick and place our warmest burner, the AB8 at its center.

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Fireplace Refresh

Fireplace Refresh

Transition a wood-burning fireplace to an eco-friendly one in minutes with our freestanding grate inserts.

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14 Jaw-Dropping Fireplaces

27 March 2014 / Ecosmart Fire


Moroccan Hangout

This retro fireplace received an eco-friendly makeover thanks to our clean burning AB8 bioethanol burner. EcoSmart Fire technology does not require venting so the flue can be closed to keep the heat in the room where it belongs. No utility connections provide hassle free installation and immediate enjoyment of the fire.

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Moroccan Style


Warm Reflections

Marble provides a chic surround for this custom XL900 installation. Pair with mirrors for a kaleidoscope like effect.



Double-sided Triple Threat

A trio of Scope Grates placed in a line provide warmth and visual interest in two separate rooms.



Posh Pool House

Take the chill off a night of swimming by including an EcoSmart Fire fireplace insert in your outdoor space. 

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Fire Design at the Office

14 March 2014 / Ecosmart Fire

CATEGORY / Emerging Trends

Image:Fire Design at the Office

Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace with EcoSmart Fire

It's no secret that the workplace is shifting to a more inviting atmosphere. From tech giants to start-up ventures, companies are proving that an open plan with comfortable work areas to choose from increases productivity, creativity, and collaboration. Just like your home may have different rooms to gather and mingle in, so too should the office! A bland work environment (picture a sea of cubicles) is anything but stimulating and studies have shown that employees lose focus in these types of environments.

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How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

11 February 2014 / Ecosmart Fire

CATEGORY / Sustainability

Going green is not only good for the environment, but can be cost-effective as well. The question is where do you start? Considering the amount of time you spend at home, it may be a good idea to consider environmentally friendly options there to help reduce your carbon footprint, while saving money in the long run.

Want to learn how to make your home eco-friendly? Check out the infographic below that shows what areas of your home you can make more environmentally friendly. From solar panels on the rooftop to energy efficient washer and dryers, there are many options to get you started.

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13 January 2014 / Ecosmart Fire

CATEGORY / Sustainability, Design, Emerging Trends


The World's Top Luxury Hotels Trust EcoSmart Fire

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