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Modern Outdoor Fireplaces

EcoSmart outdoor fireplaces masterfully transform all of your outdoor spaces, with  the responsibility and safety inherent to a bioethanol fireplace.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

These portable fireplaces from EcoSmart utilise bioethanol - a completely renewable and clean burning energy source that delivers warming heat without the smoke, soot, ash, or embers of a traditional wood fire.

Your garden, courtyard, terrace, patio, pool deck, or backyard entertainment area will become a compelling central meeting spot for you and your guests. Allow the radiant flames of an EcoSmart outdoor fireplace to cast a warm glow on your space. You may just discover a newfound passion for time spent in your backyard or patio area!

EcoSmart portable fireplaces are versatile, incredibly durable, and are constructed of heavy-gauge glass and weather resistant materials. These outdoor fireplaces are designed to look great for years, and will perform admirably through all four seasons. You'll add a touch of class to your space with an EcoSmart fireplace.

Relocate with Ease

Bioethanol outdoor fireplaces relocate with ease, and this portability is greatly enhanced by the self contained engineering of the EcoSmart system. There is no need for a utility connection, which means you can transform the look and feel of your outdoor entertaining area on a whim.

Or, leave your fireplace in a permanent position on the patio and design an enchanting outdoor space using the fireplace as the focal point. It has never been this easy to design a backyard or courtyard that feels so inviting.

Outdoor Range cluster

EthanolEco-Friendly and Safe for Peace of Mind

Bioethanol outdoor fireplaces use an environmentally-friendly, renewable energy source that burns clean and delivers warming heat. You and your guests will enjoy the ambiance and tranquility of a real fire, without the hassles of burning real wood - no more
embers, ash, and soot to clean up.

These outdoor fireplaces are safe and simple to operate, and offer a controlled yet powerful flame. You can even choose among a variety of screening options for enhanced safety and peace of mind. EcoSmart Fire systems really are a smart way to enjoy a beautiful flame.

Sit BackSit Back and Enjoy

We'll help you satisfy your enduring passion for outdoor living by designing and offering the most trusted name in outdoor ethanol fireplaces. Quality, design, and safety - the definition of EcoSmart Fire.