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Fireplace Screens and Accessories

Our clean and simple fireplace screens, fixing systems, top trays, fireplace covers and accessories have been designed to improve the safety of operating an open fireplace without compromising the view to the flame.

All of our modern fireplace screens are made from toughened low iron glass. These glass fireplace screens increase light transmission and eliminate the greenish tint that can be found in inferior quality fireplace screens.



Outdoor Fire Covers

These Outdoor Fire Covers are designed to be rainproof, but under extreme wet conditions the outdoor fires should be stored under cover.

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When it comes to the finishing touch, the Loft Screen has been created to enable a fire feature to be easily incorporated into traditional and contemporary outdoor room settings. Whether used in a benchtop or a bar, the round-shaped Loft can be integrated into a wide range of designs – simply and with style.

For a complete solution, the toughened glass screen is perfectly paired with the efficient AB3 EcoSmart Fire Burner. Together, they’re a clever, easy-to-use tool designed to elevate the ambience of both interiors and outdoor spaces.

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Plasma Fire Screens

The Plasma Fire Screen features two handles positioned either side. The Plasma is supported by simple stainless steel feet that are clamped to the base of the flat pane of glass, elevating the screen as if floating while providing enhanced stability.

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Static Wind Screen

This clean and simple wind screen features four circular attachment screws and a flat panel of toughened glass, the wind screen has been designed to fit seamlessly and easily onto many of our models and is delivered as standard for relevant models.

Height 205mm 8.1"
Width Tailored to Model
Depth 102mm 4.0"
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Ghost Fire Screen

The Ghost Fire Screen attaches seamlessly to the front face of the Ghost Portable Fireplace.

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Twin Feet Fixings

The Twin Feet Fixings were created to improve safety around open fireplaces. Designed to lock a glass fire screen into position, these stainless steel feet provide permanent stability, and at the same time allow for easy removal for refueling and maintenance. This unique glass fixing system ensures that the screen cannot be knocked down by children and pets as well as ensuring safety in public places such as bars and restaurants.

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