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Fireplace Grates

Our collection of eco friendly fireplace grates are a great way of rekindling a closed off open fireplace, or creating a unique fireplace feature - without the fuss.

Convert an Existing Fireplace in Minutes

Transforming an existing wood burning fire into a clean burning ethanol fireplace is easy. Simply attach the grate to a level platform with our easy fitting system and fill it with liquid bio-ethanol. Then sit back and relax.

Unpack Fuel Fireplace
Unpack Fit + Fill with Fuel Ignite your fireplace

Warm Your Home, Not The Planet

Burning bioethanol fuel doesn't produce any smoke or dangerous gases, so you can use an EcoSmart smokeless fireplace grate with or without an operational chimney.

As traditional wood burning fireplaces lose a lot of heat through the chimney, we recommend sealing off the chimney to increase efficiency. You can do this by closing the dampener or blocking off the chimney with a metal plate.

Safer than Wood

Bio-ethanol smokeless fireplaces are clean burning. They do not produce any smoke, soot or flying embers. This makes them safer than wood burning fireplaces.

Easy to Keep Clean

Bioethanol fireplaces do not leave any carbon residue, so they are incredibly easy to keep clean. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth every now and then.