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A more compact version of the EcoSmart Fire Cube, Cube Jr delivers the same aesthetics and style, but in a smaller size.

The square-shaped fireplace is ideal for residences or commercial premises where space is at a premium. Available in white gloss, the Cube Jr features a square fascia enhanced by a stainless steel shadowline, which maximises the look of the flame. A wind screen attached to the front of the fire both enhances safety and the overall look of the fireplace.

A freestanding, portable piece of furniture, the Cube Jr can be placed to suit a variety of interiors and is the ideal solution for apartments and houses. It might be smaller than its big brother, but it creates an equal statement.

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Compatible Burners


Volume Capacity 2.5 Litres 0.7 Gallons
Heats on average 20m2 215ft2
Thermal Output Net 2.5 kW 8530 BTU/hr 8.93 MJ/hr


Some fuels are better than others, it’s important to source information on the best fuel in your area from your local retailer/distributor.

 Where available we recommend e-nrg USA  AUS

Technical Specifications

For your convenience technical files can be downloaded from this web page for easy integration into your project drawings.

EcoSmart Fire Product Specialists can answer all your questions whether you need product selection guidance, want design consultation or require installation support.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced team members with any questions you may have.

Please verify specifications and dimensions between date of download and the purchase date to avoid any inconvenience.

Technical Documentation

Included Accessories

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Toughened Starfire
Glass Wind Screen

5 Litre
Jerry Can

Lighter + Lighting