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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to the most common burning questions about our fireplaces

Fireplace Questions

Can you extinguish the fireplace before the fuel has all burnt

Yes, you can turn your fire off at any given time even before the fuel has run out. It is recommended however, that you leave it to burn until it runs out. The shut off mechanism is there for security and safety for those times when you need to leave the house as it s not safe to leave a fire unattended.

How do you light the fire?

Our Instruction Manual that accompanies the product outlines everything you need to know to operate the EcoSmart™ Fire safely and efficiently. Lighting the EcoSmart™ Fire is as simple as dip, ignite, dip – just follow the instructions and seconds later you can enjoy a healthy, warm flame.

Are EcoSmart™ Fires easy to install?

EcoSmart™ Fires are designed to be easy to operate and easy to install. Without the need for a flue or pipe connection, EcoSmart™ Fires are extremely flexible and can be incorporated at any stage of your interior decorating, renovating or building works. For detailed specifications please contact your local distributor.

How long does it take to assemble?

There is virtually no assembly. Our Designer and Grate Ranges are designed to be placed into the desired location, secured into position and operated immediately. The Renovator Range is designed to slot into place, secured and built around with your desired finish – again a quick and easy installation – your builder will love you!

Can EcoSmart™ Fires be installed everywhere?

Almost everywhere! EcoSmart™ Fires cannot be installed into bathrooms or rooms that are less than 70m3 [2472ft3] per burner. For all other installations you must comply with our compulsory clearances and installation instructions.

Approval from building authorities may be required prior to installation in your area. Please make sure you contact appropriate parties before installing your EcoSmart™ Fire.

Can someone come to my home to install it for me?

Our products are designed to be easily installed. The Designer Range is operational immediately. There is no installation or building work required.The Burner & Renovator Range can be installed by any builder or cabinet maker of your choice. Comprehensive Installation Guidelines are provided.

Can I use my existing fireplace?

The Burner & Renovator Range can be installed once the flue has been closed off and all connections to utilities have been officially disconnected by the relevant suppliers. It is also important that the connections have been isolated & comply with minimum clearance zones.

The Grate Range provides a selection of fireplace inserts that incorporate the EcoSmart™ burner in a simple, traditional manner. A great way of rekindling a closed off open fire or perhaps, creating a unique fireplace feature - without the fuss.

How do I clean the EcoSmart™ Burner?

All of the stainless steel can be cleaned using a soft cloth and some liquid stainless steel cleaner. Once all of the fuel has been burnt and the Burner is cool, you can run hot tap water through it for a few minutes to remove any traces of the Bio Ethanol. It is normal for stainless steel to become discoloured over time when it is exposed to constant heat.

Will the fireplace heat up the room?

The EcoSmart™ Fire is efficient because it is flueless which means all the heat stays in the room rather than most of it being flued outside as residual emissions. See the burner section for more heating information

Ethanol Questions

Where do I get Bio Ethanol?

You can purchase Bio Ethanol in standard packaging of 1, 2, 4 and 20 litres from Supermarkets, Hardware Stores, Petrol Stations, and Corner Shops. Contact The Fire Company for more information and ask about our fuel supply service in your area.

Some fuels are better than others, it’s important to source information on the best fuel in your area from your local retailer/distributor.

 Where available we recommend e-NRG USA  AUS

 How long will Bio Ethanol burn for?

In general 5 Litres OR 11/4 Gal of Bio Ethanol would last from 7 hours on MAX and up to 20 hours on MIN setting.

Is Bio Ethanol environmentally friendly?

Bio Ethanol is classed as being easily biodegradable; miscible in water and when it burns the residual emission is carbon dioxide and water steam. It is completely composed of biological products resulting in a neutral ecological balance. Some fuels are better than others, it's important to source information on the best fuel in your area you're your local retailer/distributor.

What is Bio Ethanol?

Bio Ethanol is an absolute alcohol, produced by the fermentation of sugars originating from agricultural and forestry products; mainly sugarcane, potatoes, bananas, beetroot and recently from cereals such as wheat. In accordance with various global regulations Ethanol (100% alcohol) cannot be sold in its purest form to avoid human consumption. Ethanol producers de-nature ethanol with various substances for re-sale purposes and it is then called Denatured Ethanol.

How much does it cost to run?

The cost of 1 litre of Bio Ethanol varies depending on place and quantity of purchase. On average you look at AU $3.85* per litre so if you are running your fire on medium and on 2 litres, this is a cost equivalent to having a couple of cappuccinos each evening! (*Price subject to change)

What are the emissions when burning Bio Ethanol?

The result of combustion of Bio Ethanol is water, steam and carbon dioxide. The ratio of CO/CO2 passes standards for flue less gas fireplaces and the amount of Carbon Monoxide is negligible.

How do you store Bio Ethanol?

Bio Ethanol is classified as a Flammable Liquid Class 3, PG II and is regulated by various standards around the world. You must familiarise yourself and comply with these regulations in order to safely and legally store, handle, decant and use this fuel.

Does it smell?

Bio ethanol has substances added to it in order for it to be labeled de-natured. The burning of these substances may cause a slight smell upon initial lighting and will dissipate with time. There is also a slight smell once the flame is extinguished – similar to when you blow out a candle. The smell will soon dissipate into the air.