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Our Fireplace Designers

See the art of EcoSmart Fire design through the eyes of our award-winning fireplace designers


Marc Philipp Veenendaal

International industrial designer and design consultant Marc Philipp Veenendaal is renowned for his technical design brilliance. During his career, he has been involved with over 600 design projects ranging from furniture, lighting and homewares to consumer electronics and recreational equipment.

In 2006, EcoSmart Fire approached Marc with regards to a possible collaboration, given his extensive experience and love of stainless steel, a material that is central to EcoSmart Fireplaces but is difficult to use given the way it expands & retracts with heat.

Marc has since commercialised many of the unique EcoSmart Fire Designer Fireplaces including the Vision, Fire & Ice Coffee Table, Retro and Fusion.

"I've been honoured to work for such an enthusiastic and energetic Australian company that embraces the technical as well as the aesthetic aspects of high class, modern and ecologically friendly heating solutions".

Fireplaces designed by
Marc Philipp Veenendaal

Paul Cohen

When searching for an internationally acclaimed designer to bring its collection to life, EcoSmart Fire was instantly impressed with Paul Cohen's innovation, brilliance and eye for design. Since 1992, Paul has designed and influenced many consumer products including the Breville IKON home appliance range, Vodafone mobile phones and Energiser flashlights to name only a few.

His iconic design approach fits perfectly with the EcoSmart Fire ethos. And it's a relationship that has inspired numerous award-winning EcoSmart Fire designs.

There's no other product on the market that will do what this fire can do. Globally, this design is one of a kind and really redefines the fireplace. My philosophy behind the designs was the simpler the better, both aesthetically and functionally. I wanted to design a product with clean lines to fit within a modern architectural space, while enhancing the contemporary aesthetics of today's living environments.

Fireplaces designed by
Paul Cohen

John Dimopoulos

Visionary Australian architect John Dimopoulos works to architectural principals that use discipline and rigour and has a clear philosophy: he likes to put the fun back into function. It's certainly evident in his inspired design of the EcoSmart Fire Zeta, one of our most prestigious and awarded designer fireplaces

From a design sketched on a tablecloth over dinner, the Zeta evolved from John's long association with The Fire Company and a mutual respect for innovation and design versatility.

He was the first architect in Australia to specify the EcoSmart Fire and has embraced the concept ever since. John knows how to push the limits of design but still keeps things simple, a design approach that works well with EcoSmart Fire.

EcoSmart Fire brings an open fire back to the masses and is fantastically green. I love the fact that you can play with the framing of fire in a formal way, using materials that complement the mesmerising, kaleidoscopic effect of fire - all possible because you don't need a flue.

Hiroshi Tsunoda

Barcelona-based Japanese designer Hiroshi Tsunoda, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, heads Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio, a studio focused on bringing practical, functional and memorable designs within the reach of everyday customers. His recent works have been showcased at the Salone Satellite in Milan and at design festival, Designersblock in London.

Hiroshi's work spans lighting, furniture, ceramics, tableware, candles, wallpaper...even chocolate! Hiroshi specialises in developing projects with a focus on aesthetics, practicality and ecology. Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio is known for exploring the possibilities of geometric figures, reflected in Hiroshi's work with The Fire Company, and for its aim to bring sensational new designs to the general public.

In 2008, The Fire Company presented Hiroshi with the opportunity to collaborate and to pursue his passion for working with glass and stainless steel. Immediately attracted to The Fire Company's groundbreaking bioethanol-fuelled fireplace designs, which he discovered at 2008 Maison et Objet in Paris, Hiroshi soon conceived a contemporary fireplace design that evoked the mood and magnetism of a traditional campfire.

"I liked the concept of EcoSmart Fires – no fumes, no smoke, but keeping the old traditional warmth of fire. So I really wanted to create something new with this product. I thought it would be challenging for me to create an attractive product that uses the [EcoSmart Fire] concept plus my design style".

Fireplaces designed by
Hiroshi Tsunoda

Jason Hodges

Australian TV personality and celebrity gardener Jason Hodges is a horticultural expert and garden designer with more than 16 years’ experience under his belt. In addition to regular appearances on national television and radio, Jason also runs Sydney’s successful Greenart Gardens landscaping business.

Recipient of several awards, including ‘Gold Show Garden’ at the 2010 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Jason’s landscaping premise centres on the firm belief that gardens are meant to be lived in, not just looked at.

“Sitting around an open fire is one of life’s simple pleasures but people no longer want to deal with the smoke, soot and cost that comes with traditional fireplaces,” he says.

This down-to-earth design style is exactly what attracted Jason to the EcoSmart Fire – and in recent years he has incorporated various models into his award-winning gardens. The ease of use was also an integral motivator behind the design of the EcoSmart Fire Kindle and Dish outdoor models. Fuss-free installation and ignition, durable all-weather materials, eco-friendly fuel, and family-friendly safety features: Jason says no other brand does it better than EcoSmart Fire.

“A fireplace is the ultimate drawcard for an outdoor space as it adds a comfort factor much like plush cushions and furnishings do indoors. When it comes to setting a scene and drawing people to outdoor areas, the EcoSmart Fire provides a solution that’s smart, easy to use, and really makes a statement.”