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EcoSmart Safety Standards

Mixing fire, flammable goods and people can be dangerous. That's why we've had all of our fireplaces thoroughly tested to ensure optimum safety.

The EcoSmart Fire Collection (in whole or in part) has undertaken the following compliance steps with various domestic and international regulatory bodies:

Tested Under AGA Guidance with Enertech and Origin Energy

Instructions and specifications for the EcoSmart Fireplace were tested as far as practicable to a selection of clauses from AS4553/AG103

ISO Certified

The EcoSmart™ Fire is manufactured by an ISO Accredited manufacturer who conforms with ISO 9001:2008.

SITAC Approved

The EcoSmart™ Fire 2008 Collection achieved Swedish Institute for Technical Approval in Construction (SITAC) approval.

TÜV certified

EcoSmart™ Fire is TÜV certified in Germany when using the BK3 within a Firebox setting. For further information, please contact your distributor.

C-UL US Listed

The majority of our fireboxes and freestanding models that are built to incorporate a BK2UL burner are approved under C-UL US.

Norme Francaise

The EB2 electronic burner complies with the AFNOR Ethanol Fireplace Standard NF D35-386.

HKI Sponsor

The HKI is a consumer organisation that helps to lobby for safe products and push for norms in Germany and Europe in general. The Fire Company has been the major sponsor of the HKI since 2010 and driver of the bioethanol decorative fire appliance category which is supporting and acting in a consultative manner to establish the European Norms.