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Bioethanol Fireplace Safety

Mixing fire, flammable goods and people can be dangerous. That's why we've had a wide selection of our fireplaces thoroughly tested to ensure optimum safety.

Safe to Operate

Since its inception, The Fire Company has been at the forefront of innovation, and it continues to set benchmarks in design, originality, safety and sustainability. The Fire Company has pioneered the evolution of the now well-established international Bio ethanol fireplace industry and has led the creation of global standards and testing platforms.

EcoSmart Fires are accompanied by a proprietary operational system that ensures the safe operation of the product. Every aspect from decanting the fuel, lighting the flame, regulating the flame to extinguishing the flame has been thought through and accessorised in order to control the method of operation. As the most independently tested product on the market we offer peace of mind and have an excellent safety record.

As the industry becomes more regulated, EcoSmart Fire is dedicated to the ongoing support and guidance in the creation of standards and to complying with these regulatory requirements.

Your safety is our number one priority

Like all fireplace systems, it’s important to run through regular safety checks. Please take the time to re-familiarise yourself with the safety procedures associated with using your EcoSmart Fire and make sure you educate your family and guests on bioethanol fireplace safety.  

This type of technology is not well known and therefore we recommend that owners diligently induct any potential user of their fireplace to ensure everyone is aware of the potential hazards associated with using bioethanol as a fuel source.  


Safety Markings

Tested World Wide

The safety of the EcoSmart™ Fire range has been rigorously tested with the intelligent design of the combustion chamber playing a major role in its successful results.

Multiple global standards bodies have performed thorough tests focused on CO/CO2 consumption ratios, flame stability, vitiation, wind temperament, ignition safety, heat output, combustion characteristics, fuel consumption and efficiency, as well as operational features.

Bio Ethanol fireplaces are classified by regulations and standards as decorative fireplace appliances. Copies of test results are available to qualified applicants.

C-UL US Listed

The EcoSmart Fire is the first product of its kind to have the majority of its products C-UL US Listed. More Info.

SITAC Approved

The EcoSmart Fire Collection has achieved Swedish Institute for Technical Approval in Construction (SITAC) approval. More Info.

TUV Certified

EcoSmart Fire is TUV certified in Germany when using Burner Two within a firebox setting. For more information contact your distributor. More Info

Tested Under AGA Guidance

Instructions and specifications for the EcoSmart Fireplace were tested as far as practicable to a selection of clauses from AS4553/AG103. More Info.

Norm Francaise

The EB2 electronic burner complies with the AFNOR Ethanol Fireplace Standard NF D35-386. More Info.


Full two years warranty from date of purchase on stainless steel parts including raw, linished and powder coated.  One year warranty from date of purchase on mild steel including powder coated and chrome plated, cement, glass, leather, fabric and MDF (painted or cement rendered). (Stone chipping, paint or leather scratches and general scratches are not covered by warranty).  To activate your warranty Register Your Fireplace

Quality Assurance

Every single part of the EcoSmart Fire burner is made of stainless steel - it looks great, is very strong and will last a lifetime.  EcoSmart Fires are made by an ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturer for quality assurance so you can expect consistent results and quality craftsmanship when you buy EcoSmart Fire.